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" stamped on the spine or are are stamped "Mole" and have a brass hilt. When not on military duty, officers may wear swords of honor, or the prescribed sword, with a scabbard, gilt, or of leather with gilt mountings. J. Thank you to anyone and everyone who is willing to help. Swords. There are as many reproductions and fake swords as there are sword types. B. This sword is very similar to the M1850 Union Officer Sword It has a pierced guard with CS within it, blade length is approx 33 inclues long and has etched floral design with CS within it. Scabbard dent free, drag inspected with JC. The light version saber sword was popular, but the heavy model, dubbed the "Old Wrist Breaker" was the one worth owning, as it was a superior weapon. Posted on Confederate Artillery Sword Handle, Left Authentic, Right Fake. These replica military swords stand for pride and honor when the men and women in uniform carry these swords. Handmade Civil War Confederate Naval Sword measuring nearly 21 inches long. S. Juno at the time denied taking part in fake interviews. We appraise, identify, authenticate, buy and sell Historical Weapons and Artifacts. Swords, Knives, etc. Very few officers’ swords made by Boyle & Gamble for Mitchell & Tyler have survived. Is it a Union or Confederate Civil War sword? Due to their rarity, swords from the Confederate States are generally more expensive than those used by the Union States. Over 40 years experience. I was going to have it myself but had unforeseen expenses and decided that I could not afford to keep it. The leather scabbard is top seamed with brass mounts. Sylvia and Michael J. The only P1851s accepted as Confederate either bear some provenance, have period "Issaac & Co. All Civil War leather items. Confederate Junior Line Officer Sword. When the Civil War broke out many of the Southern arsenals produced their versions of that sword. In Stock! SBA-SWD-NONCOMMISSSIONED. Replica Guns Direct is proud to represent the rich history of the Civil War with over 135 unique replica Civil War weapons and collectibles Sword Components Swords of the Civil War period are generally composed ot five separate parts: blade. Ebay has become notorious for the number of fake swords being sold as antiques. com. Armory offers medieval replicas firearms such as civil war weapons, pistols and revolver at a very economic range as well as high quality. None were manufactured in 1863 which is forged on your weapon. A. Joseph Orville "JO" Shelby was a noted Confederate cavalry general in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the American Civil War. FANTASY SWORDS. Swords,… For more about Confederate wallpaper printing, see “Beautiful Necessity: Wallpaper and Confederate . The same goes for CS buckles -- I bought an out-of-print copy of Mullinax's book -- expensive -- but I don't collect those buckles either. A “Kenansviille” refers to a Confederate sword manufactured by The Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, North Carolina. Dedicated to preserving our heritage through honesty and integrity in the collecting field. The Daily Citizen, Vicksburg, Mississippi, J. The grip is leather with single strand brass wire. The Confederate bullet was recovered at the Confederate battle line the Gettysburg battlefield near where the tree stood. According to CSANotes. Boyle and gamble staff officer sword. Quickview. Fake CSN Cutlass Jan 07, 2010 · How to Identify a Confederate Civil War Sword from Georgia. is is also true of  4 Sep 2019 Artillery Short Sword, Confederate States Armory. Blade is nicely engraved with a long blood groove. High quality swords for sale For those who are looking for the latest swords for sale, we have the best products available at Swords Knives and Daggers. This is a Foot Artillery Sword utilized from the period of 1832 to about 1870. HistoricalArms. The 1840 non commissioned sword was carried by American soldiers for over 70 years; a period which included the Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish American War. Boyle Gamble Confederate Swords IV: Top. The 35" blade shows age, nick free, leather washer intact. He got it off E-Bay I assume and it only cost him a hundred bucks. The Albaugh reference is the best source for information on them. 99. Fake House of Sword. Items 1 - 36 of 142 Add to Cart. Stuart's sword belt plate is available in solid brass only. this is a great confederate sword that was made in macon georgia and for the enlisted confederate cavalry man, it has a very nice color patina and has never been messed with. This high quality replica has been produced in a manner similar to the original and the result is a appearance that is faithful and even a little time worn! Apr 20, 2009 · Page 2 of 2 - CS sword, original, fake or replica?! - posted in EDGED WEAPONS: "What do you think about this sword? Genunine, good replica or total fake?" "And why do you think so?". This is a beautiful and historic Confederate artifact that has spent extensive time in the saddle. • Always opt to buy the best of Civil War swords. Oct 17, 2006 · I was watching Antique Road show when a guy brought in a Confederate sword. Douglas, Columbia, South Carolina. Several of these swords were imported before and during the Civil War and saw service on both sides of the battle. 95. Jul 06, 2008 · How much is a real Civil War Sword worth? My grandpa has the real sword that my great-great grandpa used when he fought in the civil war. --$650. Don't make a mistake and buy a fake! Let the Guru check it out! Swords & Sword Parts and Accessories. This sword is likely one of these "Sword World" fakes. All swords of this pattern are scarce, the only correct sword to stamp would be a first model S&K cavalry saber and they are quite distinctive with short ricasso, ending ridge lines on quillon, etc. Carved two piece hardwood handle with brass guard. era 1861 - 1865 it still has some of the leather belt on it. Stamped US JC and dated AS Co 1906. Create your style statement at your home with these weapons. Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars, the American Revolutionary War and earlier. Buy How to Detect Fake Civil War Swords, 3rd Edition by Dan Smith (eBook) online at Lulu. Replica Guns, Replica Swords, Blank Guns: A Collection of Replica Guns, Swords, Daggers, Knives, Collectible weapons from the Civil War, Old West, Pirate, Colonial, World War II, Revolutionary War, Medieval, Wild West Blank Firing Guns and prop weapons for Theatrical, Reenactments and Collectors. grandpa's At Collector's Armoury, we sell a high-quality inventory of Confederate and Union Civil War Replica Swords for collectors, movie/theatrical productions, and re-enactors alike—all built to the most exacting standards. But you wouldn't do that. Sep 17, 2011 · With the cost of an original Confederate sword easily reaching $30,000. Boyle & Gamble swords are known for their distinctive shape and decoration of their pommels. guard, grip. Fakes, reproductions, replica s, Confederate buckles. We are interested Civil War Artillery, Union and Confederate belt buckles, Civil War bullets, Union and Confederate Buttons. Buyer Beware Of Fakes; These items have been sold at Auctions and Auction websites. Many Civil War swords have been improperly appraised and they have even been drastically modified from their original state or they have no claim to authenticity whatsoever. It continues to grow as more fakes are found. From the Bob Owens collection. It has an engraved blade with an unstopped fuller. Some were still aboard ships during the early part of WWII. 5" blade with etched panels. Apr 20, 2009 · Page 1 of 2 - CS sword, original, fake or replica?! - posted in EDGED WEAPONS: I bought this sword a few weeks ago. High quality confederate pieces are becoming hard to find. |. com call 718-471-5464. Fake Confederate Short Swords. But the pictures look convincing to me. Civil War Swords and Sabres History of Civil War swords and sabres. Historical Civil War Sword Reproductions, Union and Confederate americanmilitaryswords. There are numerous fake "Columbia S. We outfit reenactors, museum docents and even have some items that are on display in museums. This replica sword features a polished, high tempered carbon steel blade, brass finished handguard and steel sword scabbard. Did you realize most of the swords being sold in on-line auctions as Confederate are fakes or frauds? How can you tell which are which? The fourth hilt is a true Confederate imported British P1851 cavalry sword. The sword and sword-belt will be worn upon all occasions of duty, without exception. Leather and brass wire wrapped handle. The American Civil War saw a dramatic shift in tactics from wars in the past, including the first real combative operations of such as the rifled musket. 1860 CSA Naval Cutlass - Civil War reenactors Replica - Click to Enlarge Image . 68 Civil War U. A company called "Sword World" reproduced this sword in the 1960's and stamped them with the names of various Confederate sword manufacturers. LeMat to his friend General G. Michael Simens is a Nationally recognized authority and resource for Antique Colts, Civil War and other firearms, swords, weapons and related artifacts. When ever you see a date on anything Confederate BEWARE. Aug 06, 2013 · This is a video on how to identify a Fake confer ate sword, this is a Nashville Plow that was faked. Quite rare to find, Civil War Era, Bank of Chattanooga $2 note printed on the reverse of a sheet of Bank of East Tennessee notes. The sword is balanced and is not too heavy. artillery short sword. Nashville Plow Works Artillery Sword $56. Confederate Civil War Non-Commissioned Officer's Sword. $1495 Our replica Civil War swords are great for the collector and Civil War reenactments. All items are reproduced as closely as possible to the original items. It served us well for thousands of years and swords have never misfired or ran out of ammunition. £76. Sword history. Fake Froelich Officers' Sword. Aug 17, 2016 · This entry was posted in Civil War Edged Weapons, Civil War Stories, Confederate Edged Weapons, Confederate Weapons, Who Buys Civil War Weapons and tagged are civil war swords, Confederate Artillery Sword, Confederate Edged Weapons, fake confederate swords, who buys civil war weapons by Eugene West. Fake Nashville Plow Sword. Cold Steels hand crafted swords have a reputation throughout the world for being strong, sharp and extremely reliable when put to hard use. From rapier swords to daggers, fakes are commonplace and some  These replica military swords stand for pride and honor when the men and women in uniform carry these swords. G. Antique Swords for sale from International Military Antiques, including swords from WWII, WWI, Victorian, U. The sword is complete with a brass hand guard and pommel and includes a steel scabbard with brass fittings. 99  HIST 119: The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877. On the other hand if I were a cynical man I would think you knew it was fake all along and wondered if you could fool us then it would be easy to sell as genuine. Their swords and side arms were carried to remind the troops of that. Cavalry saber sword used during the Civil War. Since the 1830’s the U. Bottom Jan 13, 2010 · It is not known how many swords the Nashville Plow Works produced, but manufacturing was terminated when Union forces occupied Nashville on April 1st of 1862. B. Be sure to check out our most We have Museum quality weapons of the civil war, Civil War Replica Weapons for sale online for Civil war Reenactments and Civil War Replica Weapons Collectors including, Civil War blank guns, civil war non firing pistols, hand guns and revolvers, civil war rifles including flintlock rifles and flintlock pistols, civil war holsters and scabbards, Civil war Replica swords, daggers, knifes These swords once thought to be products of the Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, North Carolina; now this pattern without cut out over the "C" and no roman numerals has been identified to B. Authentic Civil War Swords and Firearms Buying and Selling authentic Civil War Swords & Firearms and Military memorabilia. During the Civil War, The Union Army confiscated Confederate General  18 Mar 2001 The men are also accused of defrauding two owners of Civil War artifacts by buying a man was told that a Civil War sword he found in his attic was worth $35,000. Commonly faked M1832 Artillery Sword date: 1839. No collection of Confederate edged weapons is complete without at least one product Buy Dummy weapons, Replica weapons online for sale at Atlanta Cutlery. Do not be fooled! ***** This is a well made fake and will fool many advance collectors. Swords Perhaps the only truly perfect combat instrument ever created; A seamless extension of your arm with no moving parts and little maintenance needed. Confederate Field Officer's Sword by Boyle, Gamble and MacFee, Richmond, VA. 00 Compare. Barnett, Co. 10 date. Because the South's manufacturing capabilities were Fakes, reproductions, replica s, Confederate buckles. over all length of sword 40 1/2 inches , blade length 35 inches. Our goal is to satisfy both the beginner and advanced collectors with the finest artifacts available. Leather scabbard with brass fittings. --$4,250. Home » Reenactment and Historical Items » Civil War Replica Uniforms & Accessories » Civil War Confederate Uniforms. Bookmark the permalink. Civil War Confederate NCO Sword. 00 Rare Presentation Grade Us Civil War Cavalry Officer's Sword Knot German Silver Replica Swords & Weapons / Civil War Swords; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. 40" Antique Style Civil War 1840 Heavy Calvary Saber Sword. from the Confederacy, some markings are exclusive to one side. Both Federal and Confederate troops used the rifle throughout the war and almost one million were shipped to the combatants from several British manufacturers. The ship Patrick Henry, which is shown on the map, was stationed there to protect against any Union vessels trying to go up the river. 64 Pages, Soft Cover. The Deluxe M1860 Civil War Cavalry Saber Sword with Scabbard This United States Army Deluxe Model 1860 Civil War Light Cavalry Saber is a high quality replica of the U. Antique Gun, Sword, Weapon and Artifact Dealer. It has a Brass cup-hilt guard and pommel with a black leather wire wrapped grip. From Samurai swords, to anime or wooden swords, or beautiful display swords, we carry an extensive selection of products for our customers to choose from. We are your one stop shop for Medieval Swords, Renaissance Clothing and many other Medieval & Renaissance items. Perfect for display over the mantle or in a home office these antique military swords are built to last. Civil War Swords & Sabers: Collector-grade reproduction Swords & Sabers are faithful copies of the originals used during the Civil War. By the designs of the guard this sword was undoubtedly made by the Memphis Novelty Works (Leech & Rigdon) in late 1861 to mid-1862 either in Memphis, Tennessee or at the Novelty Works factory located in Columbus, Mississippi. I do buy, sell and trade, so if you have an artifact that you would like to sell or trade or you see something here, please give me a call. These were patterned after the gladiator style sword. The cannonballs listed are either 12-pounder shot putts, bearings, or rock crusher balls from a rock quarry. E. I plan to visit and look at it within a few weeks. $74. I have a copy of Albaugh's Confederate Swords though I don't collect them. Sword Components Swords of the Civil War period are generally composed ot five separate parts: blade. Easy to control using one hand. and of coarse, the scabbard. For sale online Civil war reenactment swords, CSA sword, CSA officer's sword, trooper’s sword, confederate sword, US foot soldier’s sword, Model 1832 artillery sword, 1860 cavalry saber, confederate officers sword, US staff/field officers sword. Buy How to Detect Fake Civil War Swords, 3rd Edition by Dan Smith (Paperback) online at Lulu. BATTLE READY, RE-ENACTMENT and COMBAT swords. What is the overall condition of your US Civil War sword? The condition of Civil War swords refers to its overall state, particularly that of the blade. Froelich Confederate swords A “Dog River” is a sword that bears Confederate manufacturing traits, but the maker is unidentified. Government had made a sword of this pattern that was officially known as the model 1832 U. Museum Replicas manufacters and distributes a great selection of these historic knives, sabres, swords and bayonets. Because the South's manufacturing capabilities were This web site contains almost all the replica items needed for a very complete American Civil War image. Be very cautious buying antique swords online. Specializing in quality Civil War antique guns, edge weapons and memorabilia. Which sword would be more appropriate to use for the years of 1859 and 1872? My uniform consists of the pre-civil war style wear the trousers are navy blue along with my frock-coat. Our Price: $95. $60. $1595 : RARE 1820’S MARINE MAMELUKE SWORD. Our replica Civil War swords and sabers are extremely popular with both collectors and re-enactors. Stuart, Wade Hampton and Nathan Bedford Forrest, this sword dispatched hordes of Yankee soldiers. SE0116 Confederate NCO Sword and Scabbard. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews. , PRINTED ON THE BACK OF A SHEET OF PRINTED WALLPAPER (a large brocade pattern in faded red-purple over a scroll in faded rose on a cream background), roman type, four columns text, masthead at top of first column, third column headed "Yankee News confederate c s buckle bought from john sexton confederate expert and it also comes with a letter of authenticity from steve e. While it may be hard to determine the differences between swords used by the U. The blade is period Ames, but the hilt is a fake. In course of the civil war, sword bayonets were developed - a 23 inch blade mounted on the end of a rifle or musket turned the slow-to-reload medium range weapon into an effective spear for close range work. Etowah Iron Works Ga Saber. If you are testing a sword for durability or quality, never bend the blade. At times, however, close quarters forced the two armies to resort to fighting with Civil War swords and Civil War sabers. Fake Tiffany Staff & Field. Refer to one of the guides available online designed to help identify fake swords on eBay before making such a purchase. This Confederate Short Sword has picture perfect Southern 1861-1865 Sand Casting. Want $5 off your first order? Sign up for our e-blast list and get a one-time coupon* code sent straight to your inbox! CIVIL WAR M1832 ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD 06-184 As most artillery regiments were trained and equipped as infantry prior to 1861 a single weapon for both types of troops made sense. In place of the standard noncommissioned officer and straight sword. The expert told him it was a fake brought in from China and retailed for 79 dollars. What to Look For. Our Civil War swords are modeled after actual historic blades and are crafted to the exact specifications as their historic counterpart using only the highest quality materials. They are now all over ebay, probably constituting about half of the fakes I've seen recently. Fake Confederate Bowie. Felt sorry for the guy you could tell he thought he had something. Fake Boyle & Gamble Saber. Appraisal: W. The first thing that stands out is the quality and untouched nature of this fine Confederate Belt, straight out of the family and never before on the market. Fake Confederate Richmond Side Knife. Bottom This sword actually depicts a Confederate 2nd National Flag which a flag not previously known to appear on these swords. Someone who can afford to bid over $2,000 could certainly afford to buy a few books. Every Civil War collection should have an example of a pepperbox revolver, and this would be a quality example at a very reasonable price. Wielded by the troops under the command of J. Arms - Sword - 1840 Non Commissioned $159. For the civil war foot soldier, their swords were the last line of defense after the cannons had fired and the flintlocks had billowed their white smoke. Each is made to to perform exactly as the original in every way. It is in perfect condition and currently hangs on the wall in its original sheath. TThe British pattern 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket was the second most widely used infantry weapon of the Civil War. Civil War Reproduction Cavalry Sword Hanger This Confederate Civil War Officer's Brass Buckle is a replica of the actual buckle worn by most confederate Officers. Did you realize most of the swords being sold in on-line auctions as Confederate are fakes or frauds? How can you tell which are which? The 1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword was the sword of choice for Union Officers during the Civil War. Very ornate with confederate symbols displayed down the blade. When collecting, you must be careful to properly identify a Civil War sword. Add to Cart. Confederate Army Officer's Sword - Civil War Replica. According to the seller it was bought with alot of other swords when a museum went out of CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE NAVAL SWORD. On one side is CS and on the other side in military motifs is the name George Schwartz. Manufacturers of Regulation Model Enlisted Swords During the US Civil War The M1832 foot artillery swords, being Ames's first swords, were stamped with  28 Feb 2019 'Lost' Caravaggio to be unveiled in London – but is it a fake? the averted eyes of a graceful woman methodically slicing off his head with a sword. The Civil War Handbook: How to Dress, Talk, Eat, and Command Like a Union Lieutenant, Robin Robinson. McElroy Confederate Officer's Sword with Scabbard, from Atlanta Hour 3. We carry an assortment of replica guns, non firing guns, gun accessories, parts, cleaning kits, rods etc. 68 Civil War C. We carry high quality battle-ready and decorative swords, armour, shields, and other weaponry of the past and present. These Civil War swords make a wonderful addition to any collection and are perfect for any history buffs. Mr. S 1860 Naval Cutlass Sword Reproduction Our family has been serving the online community since 1997 and we carry high quality battle-ready and decorative swords, armour, shields, and other weaponry of the past and present. $69. The brass has a beautiful deep Confederate Brass Patina. Sep 27, 2013 · Even if the etching turns out to be fake that doesn't necessarally make the sword fake also; in the 1950's shysters would sometimes "improve" otherwise genuine Confederate swords in this way, turning a then $200 - 300 sword into a $1000 sword through such fakery. 01 SAO Blue Rose Sword Kirito Anime High Carbon Steel Replica $110. CS88CWSS Cold Steel Seagal Blade Breaker Sword PA893 Confederate Officers Sword. Military history and the climax of the battle of Gettysburg. CSBP 3. M. The conundrum is that the same high price that motivated manufacturers to create replicas also entices forgers to fake them to sell to trusting individuals. Note: After the Union capture of New Orleans, men across Louisiana quickly formed and joined local Confederate infantry regiments. Lee Hadaway purchased this knife from Don Bell in 1995. research has revealed various characteristics of these parts that are peculiar to Confederate swords. Of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. Here it is—the only book on this subject in print—it is therefore the reference to have. American Swords in the Phllip Medicus Collection, by Norm Flayderman, 1998 The Ames Sword Company 1829-1935, by John Hamilton, 1983 Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia, by Francis Lord, 1963 Collectors’ Guide to Ames US Contract Military Edged Weapons: 1834-1906, by Ron Hickox, 1984 Confederate Edged Weapons, by William A. This one shares enough characteristics with those of Boyle and Gamble to suggest a Richmond connection, but is possibly by… (870-484). SE0822 Confederate Naval Cutlass. I do own two Confederate Swords, a B&G foot officer's sword & a Froelich Cavalry saber, so I think I will know if it is an obvious fake. - Terrible Swift Sword: The Period of Confederate Ascendency, 1861-1862. During the American Civil War, the Confederate and Union armies used rifles and muskets as one of their primary weapons for battle. Beauregard. Officers the Union and Confederate armies commanded loyalty, respect and bravery from their troops. We have been in business for over 25 years, selling real swords online for over 20 years and are proud to be a preferred Military Supplier. The 1850 Staff & Field Officer's sword was the sword of choice for Union Officers during the Civil War. Confederate manufactured swords are quite scarce. A wide variety of products were produced from 1861-1865 which includes swords, sabres, knives and cutlasses. They should be considered reproductions and/or fakes. Replicas of Celtic swords, Roman swords & Medieval swords. 3 Jan 2015 The Most Common Confederate Newspaper On this substitute Swords printed the following dates: June 16, 18, 20, 27, 30, and July 2, 1863. Fake Markings. Great prices on swords, sword accessories, and collector items. The Confederate States Armory, Kenansville, North Carolina "Despite its official sounding name this was a private, but large enterprise operated by Louis Frolich. Disclaimer: by clicking onto this page you are expressly accepting the terms of the disclaimer explained fully on the fakes main page. But if you bought it for less than USD 100, it’s more likely a fake. Military swords and replicas from past and present time periods. his superbly made fake swords almost single-handedly ruined the hobby  31 Mar 2000 PUBLIC TV's “Antiques Roadshow” is in the middle of the scandal involving a rare Confederate sword — and two allegedly crooked 14 Jul 2014 Column 1, Line 2: “J. How to Detect Fake Civil War Swords—THIRD Edition. Sort By: This web site contains almost all the replica items needed for a very complete American Civil War image. The 2nd National Flag was not adopted until May 1 of 1863 and it is generally believed that the production of any of the “Dolphin Head” swords did not commence until the end of 1862 or very early in 1863. As was mentioned, there are MANY close-up color photos comparing fake swords next to the real thing, so you can learn how easy it is, in most cases, to tell the fake/fraud from the real thing. Their swords were based generally on the models used by the Federal army but the details were considerably different. Overall length: 31 1/2 inches. William Albaugh, A Photographic Supplement to Confederate Swords. CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE NAVAL SWORD. We have both functional and decorative Civil War blades for re-enactors, stage performances, and collectors to enjoy. We carry popular movie swords, military sabers, functional samurai swords, cane swords, battle ready medieval swords and more. The Civil War conflict defined the path of America for Centuries to come. T. • Collectible Civil War swords are easy to fake. mullinax who wrote the book on confederate buckles. How much would that be worth today (not that he plans on selling it) He also has some of my G. From rapier swords to daggers, fakes are commonplace and some are very difficult to spot. Look at the details, if the match is not right  The dealer said the sword was a pretty good fake, but the stamped year and the letters "CS" of the forte of the blade were NOT done on actual  Here's a great email concerning a fake sword on that recently appeared on ebay: on the blade ricasso (see Albaugh "Confederate Edged Weapons" page 88). Generations of numismatists have repeated a canon of commonly held beliefs about the original Confederate cents. The leather is nice and solid. Model-1906 Cavalry Sword - More scarce than the civil war swords, fresh from the attic and never messed with. 25" blade single fuller, Brass knuckle bow with the name Boyle, Gamble and MacFee cast in the underside. Many of these swords are assumed (most without basis) to be Confederate imports. $1495 This sword showed up on an internet auciton site as being a Confederate Arsenal put together sword. SOLD Confederate Short Sword with original wood scabbard. At the outbreak of the American Civil War, there were two types of sabre swords issued to the Federal Calvary: "light" and "heavy". Look at the "CS" on the guard and notice the casting is the same on both side. Lecture 13. Learn More » Swords Direct offers all types of swords for sale. It was the second Confederate knife he bought and it held a place of honor in his collection until I purchased it in 2009. The fake Ames brought $498. 1840 Army NCO sword history. com provides appraisal, authentication and consignment services to Owners and Collectors of Antique Swords dating from the Revolutionary War to 1899. It is featured on the cover of his first book, "The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide", and on pages 33, 64 & 65. Civil War swords of Union and Confederate armies. Some swords include a factually accurate scabbard or sheath. WWI P-08 Luger · Classic German WWII P-08  Best priced Museum replicas. " markings on other import cavalries that have been passed off as this contract. Lee also wore this two piece sword belt plate with his new Confederate uniform for the Appomattox surrender. Grip the sword tightly yet comfortably to assess how it feels in your hand. The brass is an educational study on not buying fake crap. The guard has a star over the letters CS all encircled by a wreath. E. The highest denomination was $1,000, the lowest 50 cents. Folio broadside, 19 x 12 in. We have been serving the online community since 2003. Swords, Proprietor, 2 July 1863. pommel. Extremely rare Confederate Enlisted Man’s “Heavy Frame” Buckle on it’s original Accoutrement Belt. RICHMOND STYLE CONFEDERATE ARTILLERY SHORT SWORD. Shop every type of Confederate, Union and Presentation Civil War Sword as well as swords from other eras with a nationally recognized sword expert. Lee's is a beautiful one-of-a-kind Virginia two piece sword belt plate that Lee wore in many of his photographs and field use. Identify straight-edged weapons as infantry swords of this period using your weapon identification book. 29. E, 5th Tennessee Cavalry. All iron guard with original leather & wire showing age & use. They produced a variety of edged weapons for private purchase and, as Boyle, Gamble & McFee, produced edged weapons under Confederate contract. Confederate  Reference Number: S5509 American Civil War Cavalry Officer's Sword Replica Good quality Hand Forged American Civil War Cavalry Officer's Sword replica  21 Jul 2015 Fake news reports that Confederate artifacts from the Civil War the remains of swords, muskets, and metal buttons for horrified museum staff  13 Jan 2020 There are as many reproductions and fake swords as there are sword types. Although infantry officers sometimes used curved weapons, this was contrary to the designed purpose of the weapon, and straight or very slightly curved swords were the norm for men of the Civil War who carried an edged weapon. The "Civil War" Guru will do FREE appraisals, and Identification, email any questions to stevemnsn@yahoo. It comes with our exclusive Old South leather Civil War Belt. The belt features the classic styling of original military belts, but with a hidden Velcro adjustment to fit waist sizes 26-48*. This Confederate Short Sword has Rebel Relics Strong Kick Ass Condition. In my experience, I have found that most fake swords are composite constructions or altered reproductions that are artificially aged and intentionally abused in a manner that would create an appearance consistent with original period use. [CIVIL WAR, CONFEDERATE NEWSPAPER]. Visit Cart Add More Products Civil War Swords. Fake Confederate Saber. Star Artillery Sword Pommel, Left is Fake, Right is Authentic A reproduction is not a fake until it is altered with the intent to deceive a buyer for financial gain. Bottom z Sold Collector's Sword Fayetteville Armory Sword - Civil War Replica . com, the first Confederate money was issued in April of 1861 and continued to be issued until 1864 (the year before the war ended). This exceptional Non Commissioned Officers sword, features a 34 inch steel blade. Stand at attention when you view these military swords from past and present. These Civil War replica Civil War swords, reproduction swords and civil war replicas for display or collecting. 00, a reproduction can allow the reenactor or collector to experience a part of history at a fraction of the cost. These historical replica weapons are made from the highest quality material, with the blade being made of high carbon steel. O'Donnell IN BYGONE DAYS WHEN WARFARE was a glorious affair waged by proud and noble warriors, the sword functioned not only as a weapon, but as a symbol as well. Look at the details, if the match is not right, the sword is not likely to be real. On July 3rd 1863 General Lee ordered what would become the most famous charge in U. Our selection includes various types of swords, from fantasy sword sets and katanas to steampunk blades and Lord of the Rings replicas. If the sword has been handed down to you through generation, it’s most likely an authentic Civil War sword. This is an excellent piece for any collector. Mar 05, 2010 · Confederate weapons have been one of the hottest things going in military antiques for several decades. The following guide will help you in being able to identify an authentic Civil War sword. Would perhaps been a better way to put it from the beginning, but Iam not very used to discuss in english. This is an exceptionally fine example of a Sharp and Hamilton/Nashville Plow Works sword and presents all the looked-for characteristics. buckle is made of sand cast brass with long belt hooks and it also still has some of the black on the front. Fake Confederate Georgia Rifle Saber. The Army adopted a sword for the Non Commissioned Officers in 1840 and it was carried for over 70 years through many conflicts such as the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish-American war. Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand $177. one of the rarest confederate enlisted cavalry sabers out there on the civil war market today. In this way, you guarantee value for your money. I am now trying to sell it but have been informed that it could be a forgery. com’s collection of battle-ready fantasy swords. Aug 17, 2016 · Confederate Artillery Sword Handle, Left Authentic, Right Fake Confederate Artillery Short Sword, Left is Fake, Right is Authentic Confederate Short Sword Side View, Left is Fake, Right is Authentic Confederate Short Sword Blade, Top is Authentic, Bottom is Fake C. Serving collectors for over 20 years with quality, original merchandise from the American Revolution to World War II This pattern was used during the American Civil War, Spanish-American War, and WWI. Overview. This is one of those Confederate manufactured swords. Civil Wars Swords for reeanctors contact Totalnavy. When on foot, the sabre will be suspended from the hook attached to the belt. If you have any questions regarding any of the pieces featured here on the website, or would like to learn more about our edged weapons and antique swords for sale in our store, please call our knowledgeable staff at 877-214-9327 or send us an email at info@collectorsfirearms. Save it for future, more expensive purchases in reputable auction sites. 1864 50 Ct-66 Confederate Civil War Counterfeit Banknote W Advertisement Pc-74 Rare Presentation - $2,300. CONFEDERATE SWORDS by Stephen W. The hand forged blade is fully tempered 1095 high carbon steel that will flex over 20 degrees and return to true. The magnificent gold-gilded French manufactured officer's sword presented by Colonel F. 10 Oct 2013 Picked up this nice NCO sword at a show a couple of weeks ago. This replica sword features 34" steel blade, brass handguard and pommel, steel scabbard with brass fittings. Bring fantasy to life with BUDK. The sword is accompanied by a fine original brass and leather scabbard. It’s necessary to stress this is a real United Confederate Veterans flag since the fall-back position for many makers of fake Confederate flags that are not good enough to pass as wartime is to call them “UCV,” as if to compensate for workmanship. CSA Cavalry Confederate Saber Civil War Stonewall Jackson Officer Sword Replica. If you have any questions please contact the Guru at stevemnsn@yahoo. This wood was on the Confederate line near the North Carolina Monument. Identified to Private W. When you purchase a sword from Cold Steel, you're buying more than just "a sword", you're investing in hand crafted beauty along with detailed, authentic reconstruction of a sword from a specific time period. If you have a hundred dollar, do not waste it by buying replicas or fake antiques. From Uniforms to Yankee jargon, these interactive educational tools cover all the details that kids need to authentically portray a Civil War soldier for the Union. Everything is guaranteed to be original and as described or your money will be promptly refunded. Extremely rare, 14 inch, hand blacksmith crafted, Confederate bowie knife in original, brown leather, hand tooled, Confederate sheath and belt cradle. 1861 Original Confederate Cent, PR63 Off the Market and in the Same Family for 40 Years Struck From an Uncracked Reverse Die 1861 1C Confederate States of America Cent, Original PR63 PCGS Secure. $ 119. This 1840 Non Commissioned Sword is a fine reproduction sword, is a faithful copy of the originals used and is collector grade. com I have only seen pictures of the sword, as a friend in a distant town has the sword. 00 (INC. WILL TRADE FOR AIRPLANES, MUSCLE CARS, HOMES, CONDOS, TELL ME WHAT YOU GOT!!!!! The original Confederate Navy two piece was not cast with a solid brass tongue like the Hanover Brass Foundry reproduction G-39. Thank you for this amazing addition to my collection. Very rare Marine Mameluke sword circa 1820’s. This high quality replica has been produced in a manner similar to the original and the result is a appearance that is faithful and even a little time worn! How to Detect Fake Civil War Swords—THIRD Edition. The Union (North) attempted to weaken the Southern economy by releasing counterfeit money into the Southern states to inflate the economy. (Right) Artificially aged triple wire over fake leather grip. Our replica comes complete with a black leather scabbard. Revolutionary War collectibles, gifts, props, flintlock replica guns for Rev War reenactors and enthusiasts. Albaugh III, 1960 JS: Your hand-drawn Civil War map shows camp and artillery positions of Louisiana Confederate troops during the Yorktown Campaign, 1862, I believe at Mulberry Island on the James River. VAT) . The center CN disc on the original is a thick stamped brass disc and brazed to the belt bar, not cast solid. A sword's design and adornments proclaimed the In keeping with tradition, captured swords were in The leather grip feels nice when handled. The cast brass handle is in excellent condition with a gorgeous color to the brass. Buy swords online, Knives, Ninja/Martial Arts accessories, daggers, self defense equipment, Medieval gears and Armors by SwordsSwords at discounted price. Civil War Revolver USA Colt 1860 - Brass/Black. studied Confederate Swords and acquired them, seeming- ly one by one, each one in e fake patina will often be very uniform in appearance. This is THE book to have about frauds if you want to collect Civil War swords. Fake Boyle & Gamble Saber . Most military swords although impressive are symbolic in most senses. R. Confederate artillery short swords are collecting category of their own. In June 1865, rather than surrender, Shelby took this sword and approximately 1,000 of his remaining troops rode south into Mexico. That said a thriving "industry" (if you will) of fake Confederate weapons has cropped up as the unscrupulous cash in on the prices people are willing to pay for Confederate guns, knives and swords. Replica Guns Direct is proud to represent the rich history of the Civil War with over 135 unique replica Civil War weapons and collectibles The fourth hilt is a true Confederate imported British P1851 cavalry sword. A masterfully crafted homage to southern heritage. C. I loved mine I'm big on the confederate stuff and I'm a member of the scv I love this sword it's only purpose is for hanging up or reenactment but the only down side I didn't like is the graphics on the blade which I can always throw a scv logo on the out side of it lol but I'm gonna add this after playing with it a little I can tell there is a little play in the handle where the blade is so Confederate manufactured swords are quite scarce. Commonly faked Civil War year date: 1862. fake confederate swords

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